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How are items cleaned, including to prevent to the spread of viruses such as COVID-19?

All of our garments, accessories, hangers, and reusable packaging are cleaned extensively each time they are returned to us.

Our cleaning agents and practices are designed to kill viruses such as the common cold and flu.  Based on current guidance, we have no reason to believe that our processes are ineffective against COVID-19.

The teams in our fulfillment centers use a variety of techniques to ensure that each garment is thoroughly cleaned, steamed and pressed, inspected for quality, and carefully packaged so that it arrives ready to wear. All garments go through a wet or dry cleaning process. They also go through an additional screening process by our staff which still go through our standard cleaning processes. According to the CDC, flu viruses are killed by heat above 167°F. Every garment is then enclosed in bags for protection and cleanliness, which we ask customers to return for recycling.

How do I return my items?

Pack up your rentals in customized sustainability garment bag. Make sure to package each accessory in the garment bag or box you received with your order. Clothes must be returned with the hangars and bag they may came with. Once you’ve packaged your old order use the return shipping label in your garment bag and take it to the nearest USPS on your choosing to be shipped back to us.

How do I sign up to become a member?

To become a member you need to click the “Apply For Membership” tab on our homepage. After that you’ll be prompted to input your shipping and billing information. After you have input your shipping and billing information you’ll be redirected to our third-party user verification site where you will be asked to verify your identity. We ask that you do this as a security measure to protect the integrity of our members and ensure users are who they say they are. After you verify your identity our security team will review your application and once your approved you can begin shopping as an official Mercer Club member. It’s important to note that you cannot checkout any items until you have completed our verification process.

How will I be billed each month for my membership?

Members are charged a membership price on a monthly basis. Memberships are automatically renewed and you will be billed on the same day every month at the rate then in effect to your payment method on file. Your membership will not expire unless you contact us and choose to cancel/pause it.

How do I choose items that I want shipped to me?

Once you’re a member, you will be prompted to choose items for your first month’s shipment.

On your dashboard you will find delivery date information that will tell you how quickly your shipment is estimated to arrive (we will also send you an email with the tracking information of your order.) Once you’ve found your delivery date, think about your calendar for work or personal events and the upcoming weather.

Next, come up with some ideas about the type of styles you’d like to add to your shipment. We update our inventory every month so you can browse “”New Arrivals”” to see the most recently added inventory available.

When you see something you love, heart it! This will help you keep a running list of favorites when it’s time to pick your shipments. Hearting also helps your closet learn your style preferences. Over time, your closet adapts to what you heart and rent will give you up to date style recommendations tailored for you!

Select the pieces you and hit “”Reserve”” after clicking on each item. Review your items in your bag, confirm your shipment and you’re done!

How do I pause my membership?

We want your membership to flex with your life, so you can pause your membership whenever you need to through your user dashboard! By pausing your account rather than cancelling, you can continue to access your members-only reserve rentals and will continue to receive communications about new arrivals and style inspiration.

You are able to extend your pause (with or without items) in your user dashboard for one month at a time as soon as you are within 30 days of your resume date. On your resume date (noted in your user dashboard), you will be automatically charged your monthly membership fee, and will be alerted via email to select new items!

You can cancel your membership at any time by texting us at [email protected]

Upon cancellation, please return your pieces before the end of the current billing period noted in your account settings to avoid additional late fees.

If we do not receive your pieces by the end of your billing period, you will be charged up to the current members’ price to purchase the item plus applicable tax in accordance with our late fee policy.

How do I update my billing and shipping information?

Your billing and shipping information is stored in your user dashboard and can be updated at any time. Please note that the address stored in your account will become the default location to which your shipments are sent. If you are traveling within the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska, please be sure to update the address in your settings with the location of your destination. If you are traveling and unsure about delivery dates, please reach out to the our team at [email protected]

How long can I keep the items I rent?

You can keep your items for the set rental time period that you have reserved via our website.

What are the late fee’s when items are not returned on time?

Items are considered late if The Mercer Club does not receive your item(s) from you by the date your cancellation takes effect (this will be your last bill date, or your “Product Return Date”).

If we do not receive item(s) from you, late fee(s) will be charged to your payment method on file for each item that is not returned. You will be charged up to 100% of the members’ only price for the items you rented, plus applicable sales tax. Any late fee that we charge you is in addition to the subscription fee you pay as a monthly member.

Late Fee Policy Details for Cancelled Memberships:

  • Returns must be dropped off with the shipping carrier noted on your return label by 12 p.m. on or before the Product Return Date. This ensures that your package will be scanned by the return carrier by the next day and returned to us on time. We will not cover additional fees incurred due to international shipping.
  • Please note that you are liable for any late fees incurred, regardless of any third party involved with the return. Do not leave your rentals with any third party (for example, your hotel, mailroom or friend) for return.
  • If you lose your return packaging*, you are responsible for returning the item at your own expense by the expected return date, and providing The Mercer Club with a tracking number.
  • Late fee(s) are payable for each item that is not returned when due.
  • If you have not returned a rental item within 7 business days after your Product Return Date, your late return will be considered a non-return and The Mercer Club will charge your payment method on file the members’ only price for each item minus previously paid late fees and sales tax.

Can I keep the garment bag or box my items come in?

Unfortunately, no. We need your Mercer Club  sustainable garment bag back to give to other customers’ rentals. If your garment bags are not returned with your Reserve order or before you cancel your membership, you will be charged $50 for each bag. All accessory bags must also be returned to The Mercer Club to ensure your items are scanned as returned and avoid a $10 fee.

Clothes can be returned with or without the hangers. If you hung onto them, send them back and we’ll recycle them!


When will my order arrive?

Your delivery date will be confirmed before checkout. Check your email for confirmation your order has shipped and to locate your tracking information. Our fulfilment team ships items out every weekday by 5pm EST, any order placed after that time frame will be shipped the next business day. Reserve rentals may be delivered on Saturdays.